[Musings] Oh thats just wrong...

Recently we hosted some friends whom we have not seen in a while. My wife is in my opinion, one of the best culinary geniuses I've ever met. Our menu was was mutli-course starting with appetizers, the main course (fish curry), and desert. I was tasked with procuring some fish at the last minute as our food co-op was out. I decided to pick some up on my way home from work. I work out in the middle of the suburban sprawl and the closest thing to a grocery shop was Super Target. Super Target is a relatively new concept here in Minnesota, having only been around for a few years. For those who don't know, Super Target is a Target (retail store) + eye clinic + pharmacy + coffee shop + deli + bakery + full grocercy store. We needed a fish of the white and firm variety and a friend suggested using Tilapia, as it is cheap and would be perfect for a stew or curry. I doubted that Super Target would have fish, but as they were the most convient on the drive home, I stopped in to check. I was shocked to find that they did indeed have Tilapia (as well as Flounder, Hailibut, and various others). I was mildy shocked and somewhat disturbed. Something just seems wrong about buying relatively fresh (flash-frozen then thawed)fish when across the aisle were feminine hygenie products, diapers, shaving cream and shampoo. I understand the concept behind a Super Target, a one-stop mecca of shopping convience, for those short on time (and indeed it did save me a lot of time). But still, it feels like a boundary was crossed.


[Intro] is blog short for weblog or bitch-log?

So I have decided to delve into the world of blogging. Its strange and new and scary. So bear with me while I start out.