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[Politics] RNC

I don't really know what to say other than we as a people and the world can not have four more years of Bush and his administration. We need to fix taxation in this country, we need to fix the environmental regulations, we need to fix tolerance in this country or we will not have a country in the very near future. We need to break down the striations of the class structures so that we are all a bit closer. We need to do something about health care in this country (be it private or public, we all need it).

Geez why can't we all just get a long anymore?

Is this what the death of a Super Power looks like?


[Musings] Hello? Is this thing on?

Please tell me if my blog sucks.


[Musings] Cutting the cord, cancelling cable.

I just cancelled cable. Wow it felt good. But it didn't come without reservations. For the most part cable is a cesspool of poor programming. But I had the channels I liked (Science Channel, BBC America, Sci-Fi, Comedy Central, Bravo, Cartoon Network). However living the distributed lifestyle, we no longer have much time for TV. After a week without it, we realized that suddenly we had gaps in our day that felt empty. That is when we realized that this is where we would normally watch TV. When we tallied up the hours we found TV really took too much of our time. Since we would only be able to see cable 50% of the time or less, the $60/month expense is not worth it. Which was the other reason for the cancellation. We originally purchased cable when it was $40/month and the service was provided by AT&T. AT&T sold the service to Comcast and within six months our price went from $40/month to $58/month, and we received a letter from Comcast that said basically even though our municipality wasn't raising Francise Fees, the law says we can, so we will. That left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus Comcast's purchase of G4 and TechTV kind of ruined TechTV.

Cest'la Vie. I will miss Morgan Webb, South Park and the BBC, but not much else.

We will be better for having cut the cord with the TV. We read more, we walk more, I surf the internet more. In otherwords I feel like I am living better.

PS - Discovery and Learning Channels, how about putting science shows and educational stuff back on? I am tired of home improvements (aka house pr0n).

[Musings] Culture Jamming, shifting the paradigms

I became hooked on Ad Busters one day when I was waiting in line at my local Co-Op waiting to buy food. It immediately appealed to my repressed counter-culture side. What I love about it though is that it strives to work within the system, change from within. It strives to educate the masses on the power of advertising and it warns us how we need to be an informed consumer and that we need to break the power of the brand. I agree with a lot of what they say. Americans especially need to know the total cost of a product, know that everything we buy costs more than just what is listed on the price tag. Being one of the richest countries on the planet with one of the highest standards of living (which is changing, we are slowly losing it), we need to know how we impact the rest of the world, the environment, and each other.

I am not saying we need to stop buying now, just that we need to be smarter about it. Invest in America, invest in sustainable practices, invest in the now and the future.

PS - I plan to get a pair of blackspot sneakers as soon as they come out!


[Musings] The Distributed Life, part 1

This will be the first installment of hopefully many where I will share my experiences of living a distributed, colocated life. Here is the setup:

Subjects: husband (me) + wife
CoLocs: two cities 87 miles apart, two houses, we'll call them House A and House B
Her Job: Graduate Student
My Job: Nerd-related work in computers involing things that end in NIX.

The thought of finding a new job in this tight job market scared me. So I was able to swing a deal at work where I can work 50% of my work time in the office at location A and 50% of my time working from home B. My team lead and his boss are great, they are supportive and are helping to make it work. Human Resources however is a different story. They saddled me with a three page document about about what I owe the company and when. Guidelines and rules for me to track my time. Stipulations for my home office, how many phone-lines are required, and requirements to my voicemail so that I can be paged immediately when someone leaves a message. Of my team members, I am now the most available, the one who can be contacted anywhere in the US at any time. This was a compromise between me and my employer. I am grateful for it. We both gave a little, but HR made sure that I gave more, and not so subtly reminded me of who is the hand that feeds me. Vacation time cannot be take out of time I am to be in the office and the first complaint by the customer or a co-worker regarding my responsiveness and availability and this setup becomes null and void. Damn my HR sucks. But my lead and his boss are great, they understand the stress this lifestyle will put on me and they want to work with me to make it work and play it loose to see how it goes. If I can pull this off, others in my workplace will be able to benefit from my efforts and do the same.