[Musings] Life with out Cable/Network TV

I realize that I post a lot babbling under the heading [Musings] but when I am in the mood to blog the blogging blog, I am usually in a relaxed contemplative frame of mind.

This week marks my five month mark without any form of cable or network TV at home (my wife has gone a lot longer without it, about six months, refer to my posts on the Distributed Lif e(tm)). I have to say, my life is better without the constant onslaught of commercials. I feel my brain working again. I find I have more time in the day. I also experienced something I have not experienced in a while, an enjoyable holiday season. I had an epiphany about this last night while I was watching the season 2 of Millenium Xmas episode. My epiphany was that this was because this was the first holiday season in a long time where I was not bombarded by excessive amounts of holiday cheer (aka commercials telling me that if I truly loved someone, I would buy them X). I enjoyed the season for the spirit of the season, family, friends, and egg-nog (I realize there is some other stuff like religion and the winter solstice and whatnot in there somewhere, but holidays for me are about family and friends and remembering the year in review).

We take the extra money we are saving from not having a cable bill and are buy DVD sets of our favorite shows, movies or books and video games. It is much better experiencing TV without commercials (even public TV is fraught with commercials)...

...[mental interruptions: I am sitting in a coffeehouse named J&S and they roast their own beans, a batch just finished roasting and I am now enjoying the smell and site of freshly roasted coffee...a slice of heaven...]...


My list of DVDs that we have purchased or plan to purchase are:

Family Guy (all seasons)
Millenium (seaons 1 and 2)
X-Files (all the good seasons only)
The Avengers (Emma Peel episodes only)
The Prisioner (all)

So I am not being coherent. I am going to end now as my download of Parition Magic (I didn't know they were purchased by Symantec, but I should not be surprised, rumor has it Veritas was just purchased by Symantec) is almost complete and it is time to shrink the WinXP parition on my work laptop so I can install SuSE 9.2 Pro (with the new job I have moved over to an almost complete *nix workstyle and work lifestyle, I only have windows now for gaming at home).

I thought about talking about the President's Inaugural speech, but I am still too pissed off, so I won't.


[Science] FUSE

Very cool stuff! The FUSE satellite is using the magnetic field of the Earth for stationkeeping...


I am very interested in this because I did 3 years worth of Science Fair projects on this topic ["Can the Magnetic Field of the Earth be Used as a Feasible Form of Space Vehicle Propulsion? I-III"] where I concluded (back in 1992-93) that it could be used for station keeping.

I was laughed at by my college physics professor. Well screw him, I was right. :-)