politics { The bullshit of protest democrats

This has been gnawing at me for a while now. I know posting this I will anger some. Some who are close and dear friends.

Here's my memo to you. In short, eat shit. A big heaping bowl of it you fucking hypocrites.

Ok that's a bit harsh. Accurate, but harsh and ultimately counter-productive because by this point you are angry at me. Good. Feel that anger? That's how you make me feel.

This is directed at you, you 'democrats' and left leaning independents who bashed Nader's supporters in 2000, but are now supporting GOP candidates as a 'protest' because Hillary didn't receive the nomination (in a fair contest) or some other real or imagined slight.

This is not an endorsement of Obama. Its merely an instruction for you to wake up and realize the hypocrisy of your position.

There is a big difference between those of us who supported Nader and the Green Party in 2000 and you who are backing the GOP candidates in protest this year.

Here's why. Regardless of how 'good' your GOP candidate is, they are still members of a party whose ideology is one of division, failed politics, financial pillage, bigotry, evangelism, and societal ruin. Those of 'us' who tried to send a message in 2000 by supporting Nader did so because of the green politics and inclusive ideology of the Green Party.

Support of McCain, Coleman, Davis, etc. in protest isn't a protest against the DNC, DFL, or other Democratic Party alignments, its an endorsement of the GOP ideology. A foothold that will allow them to further push their agenda. Your candidates aren't saints. They're still members of the GOP, which means they toe the party line. The same party that had shown us what ruin they could have in six years of total power, and 2 years of partial power.

Every candidate whether Dem or GOP walks the party line. Don't delude yourself that your candidate is different. The shadow players of the GOP are still in control and are still manipulating things from behind the scenes, they have just publicly 'retired' from sight.

But I would like to hear your reasoning for supporting the GOP ideology. I've been hearing a lot of whining about Clinton not getting the nomination, and other such infantile posturing. But I've heard very little publicly about why you support the ideology of the GOP.

One of the few beauties of this country is that we are (sort of) free to express our own opinions and feelings. More power to you. But you're still a hypocrite.

*UPDATE* KoN has put in the comments a link to a great article I think should be read.


WAR! { Now our undies are in a funky-bunch...

We refuse to use the RickRoll option which would be a violation of the Geneva Convention as modified in 2006 to include inner and outer Blogistan and outlying regions, as we are a blog of peace and morals. However the latest salvo from across the border in Evilbobbyistan of pure Funky Bunchosity cannot go unanswered.

So we fight on. We retaliate with some dance moves of our own...AUF DEUTSCH BITTE!

Our loyal forces shall push farther into Evilbobbyistan and secure his ports and Cock Block his oil pipeline.

The memes must flow!

WAR! { This Shit Just Got Real...

Evilbobby, tyrant dictator of EvilBobbistan has chosen not to just roll over and take it.

Its on!

While his strike was devastating to our Western Front, we the determine people of CubeZoolvania are not beaten.

We fight not for ourselves, but for all the free peoples of the Internets.

We enjoy the retaliation, it touches our tra-la-la...ooooh...our ding-ding-dong...

WAR! { In AD 2008 blog war was beginning...

EvilBobby, we set up you the bomb!

You will not survive. Make your time. Ha...Ha...Ha...

Here at CubeZoo we believe in a first strike policy of utter annihilation using the most devastating of WMD developed...DISCO, and not American Disco either, some of the most potent, devastating European DISCO!

Live in fear KnightofNothing, NorthernMisfit, and GeekGoddess or you too may feel the funky sting of our Disco arsenal!

scifi { Ex Astra, Scientia!

And yes, I've seen 99% of the movies/TV Shows/Books/Graphic Novels referenced, even 'Starcrash' (a spectacularly bad movie I highly recommend for the connoisseur). I regret that I've only seen a few 'Farscapes' and 'Space 1999' (though I had Space 1999 toys).

(the original video by Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip)


musings { A little homesick

I miss the warm weather pretty much every day. This summer, I can count on one hand the number of good hot days we've had. I know those high temps and humidity don't do much for you northern natives, but this post is not about you. This is my favorite time of year at home, when even before sunup it is muggy and still and so, so warm... and every breath is hot and easy, and you wear less clothing than is generally advisable, and no one uses a phone because everyone is out on the porch in the shade. Somehow the sun is brighter and hotter there than it ever is here.

One thing to commend this state, though, are the summer storms. From blandly sunny to dark and sharply windy in a few minutes; one little whiff of nitrogen is all the warning you get before a thunderous downpour.

I'm off to get a sweater. It's raining and cool, and it's wrong to turn the heat on in August.


politics { Cold War Mk II?

Are we doomed to keep repeating the Cold War and the mistakes made, the posturing, the waste of resources? It feels, much like it has since 2000, that we're regressing back in time rapidly. Its felt like there are forces trying to drag the world back to the 1950s. I can't shake the feeling that in a few years the Iron Curtain will be back, and we'll have a new Warsaw Pact vs NATO, US vs USSR global stand-off.

Evil Bobby has some interesting thoughts on the subject.

(titles are mine)

Germany Cock Blocks NATO for Russian Oil

Ukraine hears something knocking next door


casual_friday { a day early...gonna be busy tomorrow...

So for your enjoyment some French Pop:



musings { WTF?

When I logged in to do this post the blogger post management pages was invaded by pictures of babies.

Well I was just gonna post a link (and I know EvilBobby, NorthernMisfit, GG Rhapsody, Zophorian, YoungStranger, and KnightofNothing will enjoy this link):


Timeline of Internet memes. It contains most of them. Interesting look at the global internet culture. Some of these will make you stupider for having viewed them, others however and great artistic achievements, while many are interesting looks at pop-culture in other places than where you may live.

Really, even with the high cheese factor, this is to me a great example of how we can connect and laugh...or point and laugh...as a global people.