game { "I've been the Prince of Darkness since 1979!"

(of course Ozzy would be a warlock, although I thought for sure he'd be a death knight)


politics { Prop 8

Saw this on KnightofNothing and this should be spread around.


politics { Is Azeroth a blue state or a red state?

I know its a little late, but the servers have been down all day and I was jonesing for some WoW.

music { Lykke Li...recent discovery of mine

"Little Bit"

"I'm Good, I'm Gone"


musings { A new day...

President-elect Obama.

A new chapter in our world has started. Lets try and work together to heal the country and reconcile our difference. A lot of hard work remains.

We've stepped forward, but the path is still long and difficult (Prop 8 passed in CA, so there was a small step back too last night).

Obama had a powerful acceptance speech:

McCain had an equally powerful and gracious concession (I would say it was the best moment of his campaign, not because he lost, but because of what he said):

and some U2:


music { "And I awoke, faintly bouncing round the room..."

Phish, 'Boucing Round the Room'

Nouvelle Vague, 'Blue Monday'

and just because, some Bauhaus

election { Election erection or...

Get thee to the votery!

Serious. I don't care which side you choose. Vote damn it!


election { endorsements

Vote tomorrow Nov 04!

My endorsements (does not reflect on other CubeZoo contributors)

President/VP: Barack Obama/Joe Biden

US Senator MN: Al Franken (this was nearly no endorsement)

US Representative MN-1: Tim Walz

MN State Rep 30A: Tina Liebling

Constitutional Amendment - Clean Water, Wildlife, Cultural Heritage and Natural Areas: YES

Associate Justice 3 MN Supreme Court: Paul H. Anderson

Associate Justice 4 MN Supreme Court: Lorie Skjerven Gildea

MN Court of Appeals Judge 16: Terri J. Stoneburner

3rd District Court Judge 1: Lawrence E Agerter

politics { End of the World?

Its odd. In talking to some acquaintances and friends who are of the conservative leaning...far leaning (but not religious leaning), I've noticed a theme. They're all convinced tomorrow will be the end of the world and there will be rioting in the streets. To quote one:

"If Obama wins, the racists will be up in a fit. If Obama loses, Detroit will burn."

A couple of them have even stocked up on ammo, as if riotous looters will be coming to their suburban homes.

Hmmm. I don't think so. In discussing this they said we as Americans riot over sports teams, and why wouldn't we riot over this election. Well, no one rioted when Bush 'stole' the election in 2000. Why would anyone riot now? Sadly more people care more deeply over sports games than they do over our government. So I feel rioting over an election is not likely to happen.

Is this really how conservatives think? That a democrat President and Congress is the end of the world? Is this what 8 years of the GOP hate-machine has created, a belief in conservatives that liberals are evil?

Maybe they are right, I hope to whatever powers there may be it is the end of /their/ world. Their world is a scary, hateful, fear-mongering, greedy place of corruption, ignorance, jingoism and constant terror.

I hope that world burns.