[Nerd] Live from LISA 2004 in Atlanta, GA...

Its GeistX!!!

Look me up if you are a fellow sys admin geek type. I won't tell you anymore, you will have to guess which one is me...


[Musings] Catch up...

I know I've been quiet for a bit. But you have to allow for the fact that the last two weeks have been unusual. From the elections (which was an emotional defeat for me) to the prospects of options that will change my future. I've been busy.

I've finished a couple of books:

Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn
Hard Contact by Karen Traviss (yeah I know I am on a Star Wars kick)

Still reading:
The Corporation
9/11 Commission Report (whew)
Globalization and its Discontents

My book reading has slowed down, but only because I have started reading more and more newspapers such as the City Pages, Star Tribune (online), NY Times (online), and Salon (online pdf daily download).

Now back to the election. I have nothing to say that probably hasn't been said by thousands of other bloggers or pundits. I am starting to come out of the shock of it and I am starting to come down from the anxiety I had. My wife and I were more politically active this year, than all the years of our lives combined. We volunteered, took part in the caucus, sent money, and became active in local DFL chapters. We met interesting people, got to know our local politicians and our candidates. I had experiences that have changed my life and I do not regret who I've helped campagin for, nor do I have regrets that I could have done more. I felt like I was part of something bigger. I do feel distraught that the second Presidential election that I took part in resulted in another Bush Presidenticy, which leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth and a bit of deja'vu. I pray the next four years are better than the last four and I really hope that the crazy economic and social policies I keep hearing about never come to pass.


[Politics] VOTE!

Here is what I posted on my Gaming Outfit's forums, I felt it apt to repost here, I tried very hard to be non-partisan because voting, for whomever is a right that was hard won in this country:

"Tuesday is Nov 2, why is this important (at least to the Americans)?


I don't give a rat's ass or two-shits (whichever you prefer) who you vote for, just GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE!!!*

Some of you may ask, 'GeistX, what crawled up your ass and died?' or 'OMGGWTF dude?', well let me respond.

1) Part of being a citizen in a participatory democracy is voting (along with healthy dissent, intelligent debate, unbiased news, and informed decisions, which as you may guess we as a democracy need to work on a few of these items, I would assign them to Blackwater to research, but being a Canadian from Canadia, he of course cannot address these issues in the US). As with taxes, every citizen has not only the privilage, but also the right to vote in this country. We as a people have fought over way too many things, in way too many places, and with each other not to exercise these hard won rights.

2) The future of this country is tied not only to us as a people, but those who represent us, from the President to the lowly County Clerk. If you want to have a hand in building the future (whether for good or bad), you need to vote. Eventhough the Electoral College 'buffers' (I almost said buggers) the Presidential election, often there is more than just the President on an ballot (this is why non-Presidential election years it is vital that you also vote). Such issues ranging from local officials to levies for taxes, referendums for new schools, or even possible restrictions (such as smoking bans, emission standards, etc.).

3) I won't say voting isn't cool, but then again neither is responsibility. But if you vote I will think you are cool. You want me to think you are cool don't you?

4) We are at war, on many fronts and in many forms, leadership is vital for this country and for morale. When people vote, you are taking part in this leadership, you send a clear message that you care. When you vote you are electing leaders who will choose by proxy for us decisions that affect our course in these conflicts and these discourses.

Seriously voting may not seem like much, but know that you have something that not everyone in the world has. The right to choose, the ability to express yourself and affect the course of this country. These basic rights are often taken for granted, but when I vote, I feel like I am participating in something larger than me.

Sorry to get all political, but really take advantage of your right and privilage. For those of you who are not old enough to vote, you can still participate, in learning the issues, following the process, and most importantly in my opinion. Questioning everything and make your own decisions and conclusions.


* = assuming of course that you are not a felon, are old enough, and are a legal U.S. citizen, if you are not all of these, then try and vote anyways, it will be worth the excitement."