[Musings] I wish I was beautiful.

I wish I was beautiful. Ripped and chiseled. Able to wear the hip and trendy clothes. To be able to garner looks (even though I am happily married, it is a self-esteem thing).

Beautiful people have an easier time in life.

When you are not beautiful, you are not noticed.


[Musings] Blog Silent, Blog Deep

Still running in 'stealth' mode. This summer has not turned out like I hoped it would be, not bad, just different. Nerdwife and I have been working very hard to give up the glamorous life of owning two houses. I hope the housing market holds for a few months yet so that we can sell our old house to at least get something out of it.

I know it is silly of me to worry over what I can get out of the sale of a house when there are people everywhere who do not own homes, or even have a place to live out of the elements. I have lived in that house for 11 years, owned it for 10. That house and its needs have consumed parts of me, time, youth, energy, money, emotions.

Am I a bad person for wanting something in return? We had thought about donating the house to charity (if you can even do that), but we still owe money on it, which sinks that idea. I hope someone will want it.


[Musings] "No I am not a social worker."

This conversation happened to me last night on my walk home from work around 20:00. It took place between myself and an older woman sitting on her steps outside her front porch.

Woman: Hello.

Myself: Hi.

Woman: Is your name X (where X = my name)?

Myself (stunned): Yes, my name is X.

Woman: Are you my new social worker?

Myself (still stunned and a little confused): No, I am not in social work, my name is X, but, no I am not a social worker.

Woman: I have a new social worker. His name is X. He looks like you. I thought you were maybe my new social worker.

The conversation ended at this point and I continued my walk home.


[Thing] Bumper Sticker

"What Would Jesus Bomb? (WWJB)"


[Thing] Risk

So on my lunch break I walked by the local 'Games by James' in the Galleria. In it I saw a handful of RISK games that I want to have!

Risk: Star Wars - Clone Wars - execute Order 66
Risk: Lord of the Rings - Destroy Mordor!
Risk: 2250 A.D. - Nukes, giant robots, underwater cities, moon bases...what else do you need?

Other games on my short list:

Warhammer 40k: Battle of Maccragge Starter Kit (Space Marines vs Tyranids) - so I can have pickup games when fellow WH40k nerds visit
Battlefleet Gothic Compendium (see my page for my Battlefleet Gothic group 'The League of Drifting Hulks')
WH 40k: Codex - Tau