war { Iraq on the Installment Plan

So, Bush gave his speech to sign off on the policy he wrote for the General.

Iraq, indefinite occupation then? We're policing a civil war that we instigated.

Makes perfect sense given the real policy goals of Iraq, which was to seize and control the access to the last places on Earth where cheap and somewhat reliable fossil fuel energy are located, and to force an oil law on Iraq that only really benefits American oil cartels. That wasn't what was sold to the American people, but then Realpolitik was always about making up some shit and lying to the citizens, all while keeping the real reasons a secret.

This is Nixon repeating.

This is Vietnam repeating.

This is a permanent occupation.

Congress, he's made it clear he's not going to change. He's going to go on lying, evading, and doing whatever he wants, and men and women die so we might have perhaps another year or two of cheap easy fill-ups at the gas station before the civilization shattering reality of peak oil coupled with the ecosystem shattering reality of global climate change finally force us to start acting responsibly and with an eye to future generations instead of just the current fiscal quarter.

You're going to have to grow a pair and cut off funding. Not one penny for the military except to fuel the planes bringing the troops home. He won't stop. He'll just go on. He'll bomb Iran. He'll use the thugs of corporate media to build his case. He might even approve a false-flag op and blame it on Iran. The mission will 'evolve'. He'll push us back again and again, 'just another six months', until finally, it becomes someone else's problem.

This is our problem. This President is America's problem.

Stop enabling this war criminal and his psychotic, antidemocratic fascist administration. End the war. Bring the troops home. Stop funding for the war. The American people are ready for it to end. The troops are ready for it to end. The world is ready for it to end.


Bob said...

I disagree on this being Nixon all over again.

This is WAY worse than Nixon. Nixon was way better than King George has been.

DAV said...

Yeah Nixon actually had a foreign policy. Not that he didn't claim credit for turning China(Mao) against the USSR(Krushev), when they were doing heading that way anyway...

Though really...Isn't that what all Republicns do? Reagan claimed credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union, when that had more to do with internal decay. His confrontationalism actually helped their military industrial.

Now we have Dubya Bush, claiming credit for a so called troop reduction, which had to happen given troop levels.

I think they would claim credit for the sun rising and setting if they could get away with it.

GeistX said...

I agree Nixon seems like the 'good old days' compared to the new reign of terror under Bush.