protest { It was a cold gray morning...

...and I stood freezing against the wind at the bus stop on my way to work. Errant and sparse flakes of snow falling. I did what I often do, listened to my iPod and read the NY Times, on in the Arts section, something warmed the corners of my liberal, counterculture heart...

The US Women's Competitive Bridge team held up an anti-Bush at the World Bridge Championship.

I guess protest is not as dead as I thought.

I support these women. Protest and the questioning of the government is healthy for a democracy and is a sign of patriotism. Unquestioning the rule of leadership is jingoism, not patriotism and is the hallmark of facist regimes. I also think the USBF is a bit harsh in their punishment as it appears there is not a general, stated policy by them regarding freedom of expression of members.

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