food { breakfast eats in Rochester, MN

I've lived here for almost five years now. I think I can give a rundown on good places to go and tuck in to some good breakfast.

This list will focus on local, non-franchise places as there are few left.

cheap eats

Cheap Charlie's - hard to find a better place for quality vs $$$ in Rochester. Basic, standard fair.

Runner up - Cafe Presto - another great place down by St Mary's. Menu is not as big as Charlie's but good food.

best cup of joe

Jasper's - not full breakfast menu. Just pastry and coffee, but the best cup in town since Maracelli's closed.

Runner up - Cafe Presto

best view

Mac's Cafe - overlooking Peace Plaza. Beautiful in the morning.

Runner up - Jasper's

best pancakes

Cheap Charlie's

Runner up - Cafe Presto (though they aren't on the menu)

best Greek omelet

Mac's Cafe

Runner up - Cafe Presto

veg friendly

If you're a veggie, you're not totally out of luck, but you are if vegan.

Cafe Presto - many no meat options

Cheap Charlie's

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DAV said...

Probably the bext burger I've had in Minnesota is from Daniels in Kasson down 14. The Blackjack burger is worth trip.