book review { 'Armour of Contempt' by Dan Abnett

Author: Dan Abnett
Genre: Sci-fi/WH40k

Synopsis: The Sabbat Crusades continue and the Tanith First finds itself with Commissar Gaunt back on Gereon, a once loyal world to be liberated once again by the forces of Man. But the return is not as it seems and the Holy Inquisition, in a deal struck with a refugee desperate to return, threatens to leave the world no better off than the hell it has endured under the foul forces of the Archenemy of Mankind. Gaunt and the Tanith find themselves at odds with duty, loyalty and honor. Meanwhile two of there own, one fresh from boot and one back from indoctrination and sent through a hellish meat grinder where one is reminded of what it means to be a loyal guardsman and the other is forever changed.

Review: Dan Abnett is one of my favorite authors in the sci-fi genre, ever since I started reading the first book of the Tanith series. He is also the author of the Inquisitor Eisenhorn series, the Inquisitor Ravenor series, Double Eagle, and many, many more. My favorite books of his have been both Inquisitor series, a Warhammer book 'Fell Cargo' (about pirates) and my very favorite is 'Double Eagle' a tale of fighter jocks in the WH40k universe.

This book while good, is in my opinion so far the weakest of the Tanith series. All the characters (except for those who have died in earlier books) are there and many of the lead characters keep their 3D personalities (I always feel like I know them) and the world, including the combat, is visceral and realistic (as you can get in a sci-fi setting), but for some reason this book just didn't have the tension and plot twists the others did. His last two 'Traitor General' (where we are introduced to the world of Gereon) and 'His Last Command' were excellent (second only to 'Straight Silver' where the Tanith fought in the hellish trench war of Aexe Cardinal)

Overall: B (Dan is a great writer, but in comparison to his other works its good, but not as good as the others)

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