anxious { ready for the snow to be gone

Its almost gone, almost but not quite. Today will be 62F, so hopefully. I might break the bicycle out tonight and start tuning it up...after I get rid of the xmas tree...and clear up the garage...*sigh*

This morning was a series of unfortunate events. Alarm clock was turned off so Nerdwife and I overslept. The pilot light had blown out on the H2O heater, so we did not have hot water (it was still warm).

I didn't go into the office. I diverted to DCC to work, someplace with a window where I could see outside. I stood in the sun at the bus stop and soaked it up. It felt good, I felt calm. I could smell burning garbage somewhere.

That is one thing about Rochester, the smells. Its not a big city, but the air quality is poor. In the summer you get smells from agricultural endeavors that ring the city, but that's not the source of the bad smells. The air has a stagnant, stifling quality to it. The constant development that rings the city, as well as the field work makes the air dusty and dirty. The multiple power generation plants the main one of which is coal burning (and the other which is waste burning) cause smog. Rochester is kind of in a valley, so the air does not move much unless there is a strong wind.

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