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My two cousins and their friends won a movie contest!

My cousins are the lead star (pony tailed steven seagal look alike)and the mohawked sniper in this film:

They won a playstation 3. Contest entries and review is here.

The judges verdict:

"Overall entertainment in video-50%"

So this is the deciding factor I guess. Both are highly entertaining and arguably better moviemaking than Seagal's Submerged or Ticker. I'm very proud of these guys. It was a toss-up, but I decided to go with Killing Time. There are so many funny little jokes but not at the expense of seeming almost like a real action movie. Lots of good guns, a mohawked sniper, and most of all a monster truck. Maybe they faked me out, but I get the impression these crazy fuckers actually crushed an old pickup truck for this contest. That is not somebody you want on the streets, that is somebody you want indoors playing Playstation 3. So with all due respect to the excellent Impossible To Kill, I gave first prize to Killing Time.

Congratulations guys! I grew up with these guys and yes that was a real truck smashed.

P.S. I'm still available to play a zombie in your 'Bad Taste' homage.

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