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I recommend reading the Mississipifarian's post this morning.

This is perhaps one of the best conservative/liberal vs reactionary comparisons I've seen in a long while.

Modern Conservatives are not truly conservatives I'll agree. They are spoon fed reactionaries that like to make mountains out of mole-hills and detract from actual discussion of real issues. Preferring instead to focus on 'hot-button' topics that are purely emotional. They love to parrot Fox News talking points. Wave flags, boast about 'small town values' like they are all from small towns. They like to spread falsehoods. When confronted with facts, they cry intellectualism and elitism. Seriously I had a co-worker once like this. He would give me and another liberal co-worker articles to read. We'd read them, we'd do a little outside of the story research, you know some fact-checking, then we'd come back to discuss the article with him. Hell we'd even print off multiple-independent sources (being careful to find as many neutral sources as we could) debunking the claims in whatever article he gave us and he would cry liberal bias and intellectual elitism.

I've heard this said from various places and I think its apt. You want an 'intellectual' as your doctor right? Why not for your President?

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