founding { Medieval Metaphysicals

In the picture left you see my character Pernox and Krieghund when I ding'd 60 in World of Warcraft. Happy times. We were both in the guild 'Ashes of Empires', the first guild I was a member of in that game (previously I had been a member of 'Central Spike' in Planetside and 'The Flying Whirlpools of Suck' in Aces High). But Ashes is a large guild, very large, and while most people are fun to be with and good to play with, there were always a few who acted immature and soured the experience for all, and its bad when one of those people was an officer. But that is the past, anyways, last night I was finally able to collect the last 3 signatures to start a new guild, 'Medieval Metaphysicals'. Krieghund and I are co-Guild Masters and so far we have a membership of 9 (I booted the hired hands who were paid to sign the charter, as we want to be a little selective in membership). As soon as I have a good screen shot, I will post what our tabard looks like.

In other WoW news, I've respec'd my talents from 11/0/50 to 41/20/0 in hopes of doing more damage, but I'm not happy with it. I like the subtelty tree too much. While the combat tree has boosted my overall damage per second, it feels awkward and wrong. I miss certain things, so I'm probably going to respec again to 41/0/20, which would bring back the things I like most in the subtlety tree and it should compliment the deep investment in the assassination tree. I will still miss two old cornerstones of the sub tree, shadowstep and hemorrhage, but I can always go back.

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