politics { Libby's sentence commuted

This morning when I read in the NY Times that Bush had commuted Libby's 30 month sentence I was instantly very angry. I had flash backs of Paris Hilton getting out after 3 days. The exceptions here of course Libby has not served any time. But during the bus ride in my thoughts cooled on the subject. After all, Libby is just a fall-guy, a distraction from the real person who leaked information and who in my opinion deserves more jail time than Libby, for a variety of reasons, Dick Cheney.

No one in this country is responsible for anything anymore and the mechanisms to enforce checks and balances and to punish infractions is corrupt. Why is Congress still sitting on its hands? Don't answer that, its almost an election year.

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J G-W said...

I agree. Libby was the small fry.

One can only hope that Bush's latest act of shameless cronyism will bring down the wrath of the electorate upon the entire rotten, Republican establishment in the next election.

Unfortunately, sad experience shows that the electorate has the long-term memory of a flea. The bastards have gotten away with much worse than murder.