politics { Bush to condemn Democrats as 'Tax and spend'

Which you know is different than the Republicans who are 'Spend and let someone else take the fall for paying for it.'

In other news Bush will veto S-CHIPs because, you know, it costs too much and it really only covers poor people and since we're America (Fuck Yeah!) we don't have poor people.

Someday I will wake up and this will all have been a bit of bad beef, an undigested piece of potato or something like that.


GeekGoddess said...

I knew Dubya would veto it, but it still makes me so angry I could spit. I'm at such a loss for words that I've decided to move to using grunts and howls. I swear, it would be just as effective.


Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

The best rebuttal I've heard is, when they call Dems "tax and spend," call the Repubs "borrow and spend."

And then ask which one better describes fiscal prudence.