cult { I sensed a great disturbance in the Force...

...and now I know why. Scientology is opening the largest 'church' in the world in St. Paul. Saw it first here. Read about it here.


GeekGoddess said...

This post made me go cold. I've done my own research into Scientology. As with any "religion", you always have "true believers", usually in the bottom tiers, who whole-heartedly think it's doing good.

This is nothing more than a very financially successful cult of personality.

I have to admit that it surprised me to read that even City Pages suppressed printing information about them. Kudos to THE RAKE and the author of that article.

Thanks for the heads-up, CubeZoo. BTW, if anyone needs proof that this is a hoax go and check out the Scientology official website. Take the personality quiz online. In fact, take it several times. No matter how you answer, no matter how positive you think your responses are, it comes back with one response, that the quiz-taker needs immediate help.

That, and reading LRon's bio is a hoot - especially if you compare it to the historical docs on Operation Clambake.

Avindair said...

Don't forget xenu.org.

Oops! Guess I'm a SP now, huh?