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The NIE report released indicates that Iran stopped its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Bush says it won't change his policy.

Not content to lie ala bald realpolitik to justify pro-war hawk policy, the current administration has now taken to simply quit caring about evidence altogether. When information that undercuts their goals is brought up, they disregard it. We're supposed to trust their goals and not the evidence.

This is faith based policy.

Iran represents no real threat, and certainly not enough to justify another illegal war of aggression (whose major goal is a resource grab of the maybe 132 billion barrels of petroleum still under Iranian soil and to cut off any direct pipeline of Southwest Asian oil to China).

When you persist in a belief beyond the point where evidence shows you are mistaken, we call that delusion. Its a dangerous affliction for any mind, and all the more dangerous when it is the faith of war for American dominance, as it seems to be for this administration.


GeekGoddess said...

Tony and I were listening to Dubya on NPR this morning. I have to admit that the phrase, "**** you, George" flew out of my mouth more than once. Not elegant OR constructive, I'll admit, but my ability to articulate my anger keeps dropping by degrees. Soon I'll be reduced to feral grunts and flinging poo... much like our current administration.

GeistX said...

I agree I'm exhausted to the point I can only grunt. I'm on a news hiatus because there is enough else going on right now. I'm worried at the amount of shit that will go on in the last 13 months of this President's lame duck ass term. Business is already cashing in because they feel the next President will most likely be a Democrat. I wouldn't put it past this Administration to shit in the bed some much that the next President or two or three will have no hope of providing any meaningful leadership to get our ass out of the sling. This will mean bombs will drop before Jan 20 2009 on Iran. If for no other reason that to make life hell for the Democrats. Yeah I think this Administration is that childish and I wouldn't put it past them. After it all it started with allegations the Clinton's trashed the White House before they left. Any scrap of prestige or respectability the Office of the President may have had has been sorely drained. He turned the Presidency into a Fraternity and not the secret society type, the drunken beer bong hooker/stripper type.

GeekGoddess said...

Funny that you should mention "bombs will drop". Check out www.davidbrin.blogspot.com and read today's post.

I love reading his blog, but it depresses the hell out of me.

GeekGoddess said...

Sorry... I meant the post from Sunday, December 2.

romunov said...

the current administration has now taken to simply quit caring about evidence altogether.
What do you mean NOW? Just think of Iraq. The botulinum toxin, the mushroom clouds... Nothing new in their rhetoric, afaics.

GeistX said...

rumonov, agreed. But actually they've been bullshitting since the days Bush Jr got into politics, way before he was govenor of Texas.