politics { The next President

Read this article at Hullabaloo. He's right, if the next President is a Democrat the Republicans will make him/her pay for their sins and we will be bogged down by accusations and investigations.

Personally I hope (although I don't expect it) that the next Democratic President doesn't listen to the Republican hate and propaganda machines (which really have less influence than they say) and does clean house from top to bottom. I hope the Democrats take both houses of Congress and some much needed inquiries and investigations occur.

I don't think it will happen.

I also expect that the last few months of 2008 will be a flurry of Bush putting many, many, many documents under 'Executive Privilege' to hide the bodies and it will probably be (if ever) 15 years down the road or whenever Bush Jr. dies until the truth is dug up. I'm afraid these clowns will never see a trial and will never be held responsible.

But I hope I am wrong.

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