politics { Caucus Night!

...or stuffing 8 pounds of residents into a 5 pound can.

Back from precinct caucus night.


309 people showed up, registered, and voted in the straw poll. There's maybe 2000 registered voters in this precinct. (SD62, Minneapolis, Ward 9 Precinct 9) That is huge. Ran out of chairs and people were standing after 7pm, with a line down the hall and out the door of the school of people waiting in line to sign in. It took until the time-certain ending of voting to get everyone in and have them vote.

73% Obama
26% Clinton

We ended up passing several resolutions, some of great intelligence, some a little more vague, some by first time caucus attendees (maybe 1/2 of who showed up had never been to a caucus before - that's great).

Here's to community democracy in action.

UPDATE: Seems that was the case a lot of places.

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