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Moving on: I just watched a fucking movie about a man who shaves his mustache off, and was enthralled the entire time. Cloverfield is a goddamn big monster movie, and I was counting the seconds. It's not like the bar to entertain me is impossibly high, here. The achievement of Cloverfield was to force this viewer to experience time dilation in the movie theater while entertaining fantasies of fleeing madly out the exit, unmindful of my raptly attentive car-key holding spouse. Seconds became hours. The door is further, further away! Run! Don't look back, it's still playing!!! I've never been so ready for protagonists to die a horrible fiery nuclear death.

Overall: D
ps, La Moustache overall: A+++

GeistX review of 'Cloverfield': I liked it. Nerdwife has not seen 'The Star Wars Christmas Special' or 'Congo', now those are the true definition of the word pain.

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celesathene said...

Hoo-ray for the return of the snarky in suburbia series!