politics/tinfoil_hat? { NAU???

Hmmm, never heard of this. Tinfoil hat fodder or genuine threat?


AllThingsSpring said...

Dollars and Sense had an article about the SPP.

celesathene said...

Tin foil hat.

Lou Dobbs? Are we sure this just isn't a conspiracy by CNN to boost his ratings?

9/11 was a set up?

The beauty about conspiracies is that you just need some non contextual quotes, scary pictures, and some spooky music = point proven.

A common theme among conspiracy theorists is that they like to assign the government or "the men" with these super human abilities that control the military, the weather, money, and the space/time continuum.

What are you boys reading these days?

GeistX said...

I've been reading conspiracy theories and male smut books.

celesathene said...

What falls under the genre of "male smut books"?

GeistX said...

An example of male smut 'Sabbot Martyr' by Dan Abnett. That kinda of stuff.