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Obama has "cinched" the DNC nomination.

He announced it in St. Paul.

I'm still pulling for a Bill Richardson V.P. I'd prefer Richardson as V.P. over Clinton or Edwards.

Personally I think the race went on too long. It did have the positive effect of keeping McCain off the front page (although perhaps we should let him on the front page to show his nut job side).

I bowed out of everything since February. Obama or Clinton, I could live with either. Though I did lean more towards Obama. Clinton, while I've not agreed with her on topics such as video game censorship, I did think her universal health care plan had merit.

Why did I lean Obama? Everyone has come down on his lack of experience in Washington or as a leader. I don't necessarily view that as a bad thing. If he's smart and savvy, which he has proven to be, he will surround himself with smart people. Much like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter did in their terms. AndI hope he'll listen to them and make an informed decision.

I'm not saying Clinton (Hilliary) wouldn't, but she did have the baggage of a long history with Washington, even in times that were not so great. Its something that didn't sit well with me. Hopefully Obama will leverage people with such experience, while working to change how Washington is run. Hopefully is a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President, we can shake loose some of the gridlock that has prevented necessary and positive change from happening.

We saw what a neo-con GOP President, with six years of unfettered control of a neo-con GOP Congress was like. Its a nightmare I hope we can wake up from and change. I'd like to see focus again more on the individual than the business or corporation. I'd like to see some of the civil rights abuses brought to an end. I'd like to see torturing stop and black sites closed. I'd like to see an end to our wars. Who accomplishes this is doesn't matter to me. I know it won't be McCain. I doubt it will be anyone the GOP fields. I /hope/ the Democrats grow a spine and start doing what is needed instead of waffling. I'd like to see the electorate become better informed and more active. I'd like to see people in general question more and criticize constructively.

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