musings { whats next?

Ok I'm done with Rochester. I've deluded myself for four years that I like my job and I like this town. I don't. Time for something new, but what? Between our kindness and generosity being repaid 10 fold with vitriol, jealousy, contempt and malciciousness to the inability to find a good, free trade, cup of joe from a locally owned shop. This town has lost its luster and has started to blow.

Sure its not been all bad. I have met new friends, made some contacts that I'll carry with me. I've learned how to find and make your own fun. I've tasted what its like to not have to drive to work. I bought a new bike that I love. But the overall experience has been a negative one. The first year wasn't so bad, but its been a steady decline. The politics of this area, the MN nice racism and bigotry, the if you don't have a family you don't have nothing mentality have started to grate me and my emotional balance raw. This place is not utopia, its a suburban hell that glosses over and covers up its problems well (Stepford?). The people, while overall generally nice have perfected MN nice. I have to watch my back or feel like I have to now. Something I never felt in the 12 years I lived in the Cities. At work people over inflate their position and their power and jealously, and viciously guard what little they, even if it means destroying you and yours for even a little gain. This place is a like an adolescent. It doesn't know what the real world is like and its been sheltered for too long.

Its felt like Rochester has never wanted me or Nerdwife and now the feeling is mutual.

I miss the nerdpod. I miss my favorite coffeehouse. I miss actual liberals. I miss diversity of arts and culture. I miss good theater. I miss my nerdstore.

Sorry, just had to rant a little bit.


Knight of Nothing said...

Oh man I didn't know it had gotten so bad down there. I feel you foo'! Get your ass to Mars!

GeistX said...

Yeah its been pretty caustic and vile since about April.

We need to get out of this place. Plans are in motion, just will take a little time to implement.

celesathene said...

I call the fire bombing duties!

celesathene said...

Also, in this small part of Roch-crotch I can speak for 2 people when I say, you will be missed.

GeistX said...

There will be people we miss. But there will be many more we won't.

And we won't be leaving immediately, at least not right away immediately. Still many loose ends to tie up.

You missed us getting kicked out of Chester's KxB last night. :) We stayed until 23:30.

GeekGoddess said...

We understand. After nearly 10 years in the Cities, we've had enough. We'll have to stick around for at least 2 more years, for MonkeyDude to graduate from high school, but then we're looking for greener pastures.

It's too bad that you're having that experience in Rochester, but it sounds as though you were lucky to avoid the MN Nice in the Cities. We've been inundated with it from Day 1. We've made a few close friends that we will always cherish, but unfortunately, it arrived alongside a lot of aggravation and heartache from too many false acquaintances.

We're crossing our fingers that you land softly in a great new place. :-)

Avindair said...

What GG said. Except, you know, I'm not as pretty. :)

With my departure to my one year at DAVE School now only 5 days away, I find myself torn. I'm sad to be leaving my family for the school, but excited to get away from homo sapiens minnesotani.

Seriously, GeistX, GG and I got yanked around by so many people in the city that it just cut us to the quick. Heck, we know a lovely couple who are walking distance from our home...but after being burned so many times, we don't even want to open up any further.

That's sad.

Get your ass to Mars, dude. Get your ass to Mars.