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I miss the warm weather pretty much every day. This summer, I can count on one hand the number of good hot days we've had. I know those high temps and humidity don't do much for you northern natives, but this post is not about you. This is my favorite time of year at home, when even before sunup it is muggy and still and so, so warm... and every breath is hot and easy, and you wear less clothing than is generally advisable, and no one uses a phone because everyone is out on the porch in the shade. Somehow the sun is brighter and hotter there than it ever is here.

One thing to commend this state, though, are the summer storms. From blandly sunny to dark and sharply windy in a few minutes; one little whiff of nitrogen is all the warning you get before a thunderous downpour.

I'm off to get a sweater. It's raining and cool, and it's wrong to turn the heat on in August.

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GeekGoddess said...

I'm in agreement with you there. Avindair and I have made our home in the wrong part of the country. Give me hot and humid over cold and dry any day.

Oh, the sun is actually brighter and hotter the further south you go... moving closer to the equator. You don't get the same quality of light up nort'.

Now if I only had the time off to ENJOY the weather when it's nice!