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When I logged in to do this post the blogger post management pages was invaded by pictures of babies.

Well I was just gonna post a link (and I know EvilBobby, NorthernMisfit, GG Rhapsody, Zophorian, YoungStranger, and KnightofNothing will enjoy this link):


Timeline of Internet memes. It contains most of them. Interesting look at the global internet culture. Some of these will make you stupider for having viewed them, others however and great artistic achievements, while many are interesting looks at pop-culture in other places than where you may live.

Really, even with the high cheese factor, this is to me a great example of how we can connect and laugh...or point and laugh...as a global people.

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Knight of Nothing said...

I did indeed enjoy it! Though it would be helpful if the latest Weezer video and all of the references therein made this timeline. I saw many but not all of them.