WAR! { Now our undies are in a funky-bunch...

We refuse to use the RickRoll option which would be a violation of the Geneva Convention as modified in 2006 to include inner and outer Blogistan and outlying regions, as we are a blog of peace and morals. However the latest salvo from across the border in Evilbobbyistan of pure Funky Bunchosity cannot go unanswered.

So we fight on. We retaliate with some dance moves of our own...AUF DEUTSCH BITTE!

Our loyal forces shall push farther into Evilbobbyistan and secure his ports and Cock Block his oil pipeline.

The memes must flow!


DAV said...

That bald guy in the blue reminds me of someone.... http://www.stageq.com/performances/2004_2005/bat_boy/images/BatBoy_Large.gif

You call that an airstrike? I found myself uncontrollably dancing all Russian style in my office. Good times were had by all up until I wrecked my back and got stuck in that position. I'm sending the bill from my Chiropractor to you, bizzach!

DAV said...

I had to listen to this a third time. It is sooooooo awesome Muchas Danka. Ok Mrs. EB says I shouldn't dance so much to it. That and I'm ruining the carpet.

I will retaliate with full force when I'm not as busy.