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I have way too much stuff. In the move to Rochester I purged about 12 years worth of stuff, but I still kept a lot of sentimental stuff. This year I've purged more. If/when we move again I will purge more. I have a ton of sci-fi and RPG stuff. I think its time to put this up on e-Bay. Time to downsize my life.

With the exception of a handful of book (1st editions and such) I wish there was a way to get all my novels on digital media in a durable, open, reviewable, transferable format.


瘋狂的 said...
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Avindair said...

We've been doing the same thing. Our goal is still to move to a warmer climate, though with more urgency because of SG's condition. The result has been many eBay sales, many trips to Half-Price books, and a lot of give-aways.

Sadly, we're still slowly plowing through the pile.

I suspect that when I do get a break with a studio out West (which is becoming more and more likely) we'll end up doing the frantic sell / store / dump assault that we're trying to avoid. Until then we just keep moving on.