hiatus { I'll be away from the blog for a while

We in Rochester had a bit of a natural disaster last night. 11 inches of rain in less than six hours, which for this area is the equivalent of usual spring and summer rainfall in a single night. Ours, as well as most of our neighbors have wet basements and a lot of clean up. As a result I won't be on the blog much this week and possibly next.

Honestly, this was the worst thunderstorm I've experience in my life...ever.


Avindair said...

Sorry to here that, GeistX.

How bad is the damage?


GeistX said...

In all honesty, not bad. We only had 2" of water at the deepest in the basement. We were able to drain and bail most of that. The biggest loss is the carpet which was soaked and the fact I lost my nerd lair. But, considering the extend of flooding and damage suffered by others in Rochester and nearby areas, we were lucky.

All our things were either in plastic containers or six inches off the floor for the most part (from our paranoia regarding basement water from our old house), but the fact we just finished remodelling/finishing part of the base and now its dry hurts a little. The development of the nerd lair was coming along quite well and I was going to host a game next weekend, which may be post-poned now.

Weren't you in Grand Forks back when the bad flooding happened there?

GeekGoddess said...


We sympathize. Our basement had terrible seepage problems a couple of years ago. Had to replace the carpets in the nerd lair and the kids' bedrooms. Yucko. Of course, ours was due to a nutty former owner PUTTING A HALF-BUILT SHELVING UNIT OVER THE SUMP PIT WITHOUT A SUMP PUMP.

I still have anger issues.

Mop with lots a Clorox solution. Run fans night and day to thoroughly dry things out. Oh, and "Dumpster in a Bag" is a great solution for getting rid of the cut up carpet.

(And yes, we were in the big Grand Forks Flood of '97.)

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