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This morning when I was going through my morning routine, I heard this on NPR: Venezuela May Remove Presidential Term Limits for Hugo Chavez.

I became skeptical and suspicious. The beauty of terms limits is that no single person remains in power forever. Even though FDR was a well loved President, I think it was right of Congress to impose a 2 term limit. Bush's limit is up, thank the maker. Even Clinton didn't need another term. Its good to get fresh blood and new ideas that comes with a change of President (or relief from a Tyrant). I think Venezuela is making a mistake. Sure it may look like a good idea right now, but absolute power corrupts absolutely and since they still have elections (assuming the gov't doesn't convert to a 1 party system) it could work in the favor of the opposition.

I've not liked the fact that my 32 years of life in this country, 21 years have been spent under Republican Presidents, and although with the Bush Sr/Jr thing it feels like Bush has had 3 terms, hopefully this nightmare ends next year.

Speaking of term limits, Mr. Walz, I'm disappointed with your response in the Post-Bulletin. The FISA amendments did not restore power to the FISA court, it in fact removed even more oversight. I've heard rumblings, some from sources I consider reliable, some from DFL/DNC apologists, that all junior Representatives and Senators in unsafe seats (like Walz and Klobuchar) were told by DNC leadership to vote 'yea'. I can't confirm this, but if this is in fact the case, this illustrates a fundamental problem with the Democratic Party. This means you put re-election above what's right and what's good or best for those you represent. If this is in fact the case, it confirms that you are indeed a bunch of poll watchers who have run out of ideas, and no longer stand for anything. I don't (want to) believe this, at least my time in the DFL has not lead me to (want to) believe this (well in the St. Paul DFL at least, the Olmsted County DFL has some major issues). But there is a disconnect between us, who live and work in the trenches, doing the grass and net roots things and those at the top who hobnob with rich and affluent lobbying interests, corporate sponsors, wealthy donors, and irrelevant (though still somehow powerful) media types. This is something the GOP has been able to prey upon. Mr. Walz, (and Ms. Klobuchar) I hope it is not too late to salvage the damage.

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