news { Bridge collapse over Mississippi River

I was in downtown Minneapolis this evening going home from my cello lesson and saw a couple cop cars fly by me at high speed with the lights and sirens. Didn't think too much of it, but there were more police doing the same as I went home.

My grandmother called me shortly thereafter to know if I was alright.

The North and Southbound lanes of 35W collapsed over the Mississippi River this evening. Graphic here. Lots of cars and trucks on the span when it dropped, lots of injuries, no word of fatalities yet but my guess is there will be some. People in the water. What a mess. Phone lines are moderately jammed with all the people calling to check on loved ones.

Will update as more info becomes available. My heart goes out to all families with loved ones who were involved.

Update 19:45 - A little worried, my mother was going to Orchestra Hall this evening for a show, and she would have been passing over 35W south around the time the bridge collapsed. Her phone is going straight to voicemail, but that would be the case if the lines were jammed (which they are), or if she turned her phone off for the show.

Update 20:00 - Noah Kunin of Blanked-Out has an eyewitness account, bridge collapsed right by his house.

Update 20:10 - At least 3 confirmed dead.

Update 20:25 - Mom's mobile phone still going through to voicemail.

Update 21:20 - Confirmed 6 dead.

Update 22:00 - Mom is ok. She took an alternate route and not 35W.

Update 22:15 - All the info I'm hearing is that this is appears at first glance to be a structural collapse, with no terrorism involvement suspected.

Update 22:30 - A quick shout-out to my former coworker Doug, who is a part-time Hennepin County Water Patrol officer who does underwater body recovery. If you are working the site, be careful and know your work is appreciated.

Update 22:40 - Confirmed 7 dead, with that number likely to rise. If you want to help, check the Twin Cities Red Cross, although their server is getting pounded.

Update 22:55 - Aaron Landry posted Noah Kunin's amazing photos on Flikr.

Update 23:25 -
American Red Cross - Twin Cities Area Chapter
NW 5597
P.O. Box 1450
Minneapolis, MN 55485-5597

The Twin Cities Red Cross is asking for blood donations and financial donations.

Update 00:00 - Star Tribune has a gallery of photos.

Update 00:10 - Confimed 9 dead, with 60 injuries and at least 20 people missing.

Final Update tonight - Detail diagram of collapse.

Alternate routes for the commute, which is likely to be indefinite.

Its going to be really ugly tomorrow, but overall, I'm going to conjecture that this could have been much, much worse.

Off to bed.


CoffeeFreak said...

I heard the news as I was driving home -- a couple of hours old by that point (Pacific Time) -- very sorry to hear about this tragedy and prayers and best wishes to anyone that was in the area. Jer, all the best and hope and pray that your mom is OK.

GeistX said...

Holy shit!