season { Spring is near

I grew up with part of my life on a farm. I know what it means to be in sync with the clockwork of nature and life. Spring is life and renewal, fall is diminish and death, summer is activity, winter is rest. Spring is close and I welcome and look forward to it. I hope each year the world will be reborn anew. I wait for the coming of the green, and hope it will not become brown too early. Winter must have snow, and summer must have sun. Spring must have warmth and fall must have chill. This is how life should be according to my internal clock. This is how it has always been for me living a lifetime thus far in Minnesota. The year has four parts. Each leads to the next. Each make up a cycle of the year. We are entering a time of renewal and rebirth. The gray will pass and out will come the sun.

'Suvetar', Gjallarhorn (yes, I've posted this before, its a fitting song for spring)


Suvetar, fine matron
Arise to see the seeds
Raise the matron's corn
So that we may be spared pain

Manutar, matron of the Earth
Lift up the shoots from the ground
New shoots from the stumps
So that we may be spared pain

Feed us with honey-hearts
Give us honey-drink
Delicious honey-grass
On a blossoming knoll

You have shining silver
You have glistening gold

Rise up, O maiden
Black from the soil

Underground crone
Most ancient of Nature's daughters
Make the peat shoot forth
And the ground turn over

Underground crone
Most ancient of Nature's daughters
Lift up a thousand seedlings
To reward my efforts.

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