time { Wayback Machine: May, 1993

Age: 17
Place: International Science and Engineering Fair, Mississippi Beach, MS

This is where I met Nerdwife for the first time. Nights spent on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico. Swimming, sailing, science. Day trip to New Orleans, six teenagers left alone exploring the French Quarter. Gumbo. Hotels. Staying up late. Cable. Music. Angst. Excitement. We were young, we had our futures ahead of us. We were smart. We were nerdy. We played poker in hotel lobbies. I walked on water (literally, the tide was out and the water was a few cm deep, I have a picture where I am highlighted by the moon and it looks like I am walking on the ocean). Beach bums. Casinos. Teachers getting pooped on by seagulls. This is where my love of sailing started, when I was "captain" of a catamaran with three lovely swimsuit clad ladies. I was graduating in a few weeks from High School.

Here are the three videos I remember most that were on cable while we, the Northern/East Central MN delegation, were there. Thank you YouTube for this blast from the past:

'Sleeping Satellite' - Tasmin Archer

'Come Undone' - Duran Duran

'Living on the Edge' - Aerosmith

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