musings { A Day in the Office

Tea bags pile up in the cap of my tea cup the way butts accumulate in the ash tray of a chain smoker. Its been a three bag day. The caffeine flows through my veins like electricity, clouding the mind, making things hard to focus on. Its Thursday. Usually a day of 4 hours of meetings. Today was cut short.

I keep my headphones on at all times, to help with the illusion of privacy afforded in my small box, well slightly larger box than I had a few weeks ago. A white noise generator supposedly provides cover for phone conversations, however this is a myth. It only provides a low level slightly annoying over time hum.

Email has been quiet, almost too quiet.

The project plan in front of me continues to grow. I need to watch scope creep, easy to do with large projects.

Review of the news turns up that Jeff Healey died last week. Gygax this week, they say celebrities go in threes. I liked Jeff Healey.

Our contractor stops by, he took my 'Solaris Performance and Tools' book with him recently to a tech summit in Chicago, he had it signed by the author Jim Mauro. Sweet.

I read a story about a Marine who threw a live puppy off a cliff, and it was video taped. What the hell? I avoid trying to think deeper into this, it was on You Tube, but like the Saddam hanging, was removed relatively quickly. I don't feel the need to go look for this, I've traveled enough of the digital river that I've seen more than I probably should have, I don't need to see this.

Ribs tonight. Friends tonight. I look forward to both.

The movie '28 Weeks Later' sucks royal. And this is from a guy who likes cheesy zombie movies. '28 Days Later' was a great creepy movie, this was just a shitty sequel. The other movie we watched 'La Cirque Rouge' was an awesome cops and robbers French flick. One that oozed cool and is highly recommended to anyone.

The Presidential race remains a yawn fest. Obama/Clinton, either one. Perhaps I've grown too cynical to think either can actually help guide us out of this shitstorm in which we've become quagmired.

Time to go home.

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