gaming { QQ more Alliance, your tears sustain me

Seriously, get over it. Since the 2.3 changes in Alterac Valley your outdated zerg mentality no longer works. You complain about map imbalances, however you told us to go fuck ourselves and 'QQ moar' back when 3/4 of the Horde raid was AFK and the only way to win was defeat the general. You had no qualms about how Stormpike was laid out. You know why we win? We usually have a dedicated 15-20 on defense. We also have people going after the mines (both ours and yours). I rarely see Alliance on defense except when we chokehold you at Stonehearth. You can no longer be all offense nor can you no longer be all defense. Your days of easy honor farming us are over. Adapt. We did. Yeah our queues have gone up, but to me thats ok. I can play EotS and AB in between waiting for the timer to pop. You're like children, can't use your one-trick pony anymore and you quit playing.

Here's how the new AV works:

1. You win by depleting reinforcements. Not by killing the main boss anymore. Reinforcements are drained by capping towers, killing other players, and knocking out the captains and leaders.

2. Mines help lessen the reinforcement drain. Although its really annoying the bug where if you cap the Irondeep Mine first, even if we take it, its still flagged Alliance.

3. Defense. Gotta have it. Have to know how to use the map to its fullest. Instead of zerg rushing Snowfall, why not try and send some to SF and the rest stop our attempt at Stonehearth? You drive for Iceblood, and we often initially lose it, but we can generally take it back because we keep enough on D (usually).

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