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Conventional wisdom in World of Warcraft says you can't "PUG" (pickup group) "KZ" (Karazhan, a raid instance). Well I was in a PUG that did...and we cleared 8/10 (not counting the basement 'starter' bosses) of the bosses in under six hours. See the screen shots (First one is Prince, second is Nightbane).

Bosses downed:
Attumen and Midnight (down on first attempt)
Morose (down on first attempt)
Maiden (down on first attempt)
Opera Event (Wizard of Oz, down on first attempt, 4m50s)
Nightbane (summonable boss, 3 attempts until down)
Curator (down on first attempt)
Shade of Aran (2 attempts then down)
Chess Event (down on first attempt)
Prince Mechanzaar (2 attempts then down)
Netherspite (1 attempt, was able to bring down to 30% and then had to call it)

We didn't have time to try Illhoof. We also skipped the basement 'starter' bosses.

The raid group here:

I picked me up some professor plums (including 1 T4 piece). I had a chance at the helm (which is what I truly want) but lost the roll fair and square. So I will have to try again, or go for the Season 1 helm that looks the same, but is not as cool in coloration. Here's what I picked up (in addition to about 40g in coin and vendor trash):

[Gloves of the Fallen Champion]
[Helm of the Fallen Champion] (what I missed :( )
[Badges of Justice] x18
[Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation]
[Girdle of Treachery]

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