tech/energy/science { If this is true, it would be so cool

Sunlight to Petrol. Reverse conversion of CO2 into fuel.

Seems like Science Fiction, but I hope it actually works, the chemical catalyst process seems sound. It will also be the closest to closing the loop as we have come so far.

I also don't think it will 15-20 years out, unless the big energy consortiums stymie this like they've done to other alternative energy research. If they were smart, they would adopt and fund this (which in turn could bring a viable large scale implementation reality in probably under a decade) and do as suggested by starting with these systems installed into existing power producing facilities to reclaim CO2 for recycling. Then expand it into a system that reclaim excess (and note I said excess) CO2 levels from the atmosphere.

Projecting this ahead, my concerns would be that if someone had developed an efficient removal process to scrub the CO2 from the air, how would it impact plant life? Would we, ironically, cool the planet too fast? We would have to strike a balance, which can be problematic with profit driven entities.

But, I like this idea, it will be a good bridging technology to help extend what resources we have and buy us some more time to develop better renewable and alternative energy sources.