review { CSI: Predator

aka 'Alien vs Predator: Requiem'

synopsis: Movie picks up where the previous AvP movie left off, but this time the body count is higher.

One line review: Two great tastes that taste great together -or- Colorado town gets eaten, news at 11.

This is not a great movie, but I was entertained. More glimpses into the Predator technology and culture. I called it 'CSI: Predator' because the Predator in the movie comes to earth to clean up a mess they created when their ship crashes back on earth after the Predalien (the thing that burst from the chest of the dead Predator at the end of the last movie) kills the crew and uses a variety of Predator forensic techniques to track down the troublesome pests. Hippies die, blond bimbos get crucified, bullies get skinned, hobos get eaten like beans. Superfluous love story exists but is more along the lines of sexual tension than overt distraction from the killing (like 30 Days of Night). I would also like to point out all the references in style, setting, or dialog to previous movies. They're little nuggets dispersed throughout.

Overall rating: B

Nerdwife review: At first, I wondered why this movie wasn't subtitled "All monsters attack," but I rapidly discovered such a title would have given away the entirety of the plot. This movie has fewer pretenses to Predator "culture" and Alien "biology" than the last- this is the storyless, bloody free-for-all that the first movie wanted to be. I'm sad to report my strategic predrinking was insufficient in quantity or accompanying substances to render me amnesic, but perhaps this review can save others.

Overall rating: D

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