news { the Italian Ninja Menace


Though the immediate danger has subsided, Interpol is worried this ninja may be part of a larger ninja conspiracy. Experts fear ninjas have infiltrated numerous aspects of society and are waiting for the proper time to unleash their reign of terror. When asked about their goals or motivations, Interpol ninja expert Robert Hamburger said "the purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people." In the U.S., Congressional Democrats remain skeptical, and have asked that America open a dialogue with samurai and pirates to help resolve the impending ninja crisis.

(note: I read the 'Real Guide to Ultimate Power' by Robert Hamburger, I recommend it if you want to learn how to 'flip out and kill people'. I think I did a review of it...well ok not a review, I basically say the same thing then I say now...I'm becoming derivative...)

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