solstice { Its the first day of summer...

Today is the Summer Solstice. Nature celebrated by dumping on us copious amounts of rain in the form of a violent thunderstorm that waxed and waned all night. We even had hail, thankfully small, around 2am. Nerdwife and I went to see Ocean's 13 (it was an ok movie). When we left the theater, it was 9:30pm, just after dusk but you could see a dark delimiter in the sky, half of it was dark as pitch with what appeared to be balls of lightning rolling through it. The other half had a soft, fuzzy blue glow. It was spectacular. The rain started in force after midnight. Lots of thunder, lots of lightning, but little wind and lots of rain. So much that our gutters could not keep up, and once again this year we had the canals of Rochester in the street. I enjoy watching storms and the raw power of them. It sounds like the counties west and north of us were hit a lot harder and the Cities had a pretty violent show too.

I'm glad I cut the grass before we went to the movie.

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