wow { lvl 69...one more to go

I'm there, 1 level away from 'end game'. I'm 1/3 of the way to 70 (thanks to a successful run of the Mana-Tombs). I'm looking forward to life at 70.

Flying Mount (aka Windrider): Tawny Windrider (its a 'wyvern', but wyverns in Warcraft are not dragon-like, they are more like flying kitties with scorpion tails, more like manticores in my opinion)
Epic Flying Mount (aka Swift Windrider): Purple Swift Windrider (they basically look like the regular windrider with nice looking barding added); I also plan to quest for the Netherdrake. But that will require about a months worth of daily quests.

End Game Instance and phat loot. I have two daggers I have my eye on: The Ashtongue Blade, and Claw of the Netherwing, bot quest rewards in Shadowmoon Valley. This is until I can get the epic blade from the Scryers.

Epic gear. I've never had any gear better than blue (rare) level. My guild doesn't run instance except Karazahn, so I've never had any purple gear. I can attain reputation with factions, mainly the Scryer, that have purple gear I would like.

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