wow { So it happened...

DING! 70!!!

Tonight when I logged in, I was 242k/779k experience from level 70 (end game in World of Warcraft). I thought it would take me all weekend at least. My friends on line though felt it could be done and we're encouraging and helpful. At 02:22 6/09/2007, I dinged level 70. (Wow, I just realized what day it is too, 6/9/2002 was the day I went into the hospital with an unknown illness that was diagnosed on 6/11/2002 as AML, but I digress). Much awaits me now as Pernox in the game. Flying mounts, end game instances, attunement quests, helping out lower level guild members, fun.

Many thanks go to:

Nerdwife - for understanding and putting up with my hobby.
Krieghund - my chum and questing buddy. The bulk of tonight was because of him. He helped me quest from 242k XP to 743k.
Mcshammikins and Jm - the two guildmates who were there when it happened and helped quest with me the final quest to gain that last step. It was the 'Wanted: Annihilator Servo!' quest from the B.O.O.M. Mechanic in Area 52, Netherstorm.
Beefyweefy - another guildmate and grouping companion who was there for parts of it.

Ah now to bed.


GeekGoddess said...


Tony and I really haven't played since we started new jobs in March. My character is wasting away in some tavern somewhere.

GeistX said...

Thank you.

I also picked up my 'Tawny Windrider' wyvern mount. I'll post screenshots soon.

I recommend you guys log in and upgrade WoW since 2.1 a few things have changed.

I know WoW has consumed a lot of time, but I'm still really enjoying the game. I have a group of 5 I like to quest with, and since hitting lvl 70, a whole new aspect of the game has opened up that will keep me going for sometime.