work { I think I've become stupider

I haven't been able to stand being in the office for the last few weeks. They have been recarpeting the floor and something either in the carpet, the solvents or the glue makes me feel weak, short of breath and gives me massive headaches. That can't be good.


AllThingsSpring said...

Ah yes, VOCs. Toluene, xylene, benzene. It is the same thing that tends to give 'new car smell'. None of them are good for you. It will take a little while to offgas, and if there is poor ventilation where you are, it will take longer. Open a window if you have one.

GeistX said...

I've never worked in a place that lets you open a window.

I've solved the problem by not working in the office.

GeekGoddess said...

You could also try buying a mini-fan or air cleaner and setting it up in your cubicle. At least it will circulate the air around you. Might help a bit.

I get that way with new cabinetry. Something in the way they treat the wood makes me sick as a dog.

Sorry you have to live with it at work. :-(