warcraft { a day with my flying mount

On of the main things I looked forward to when turning level 70...the flying mount.

Krieghund and I on our first flight.

I flew mine all around, seeing new things, and some old things, from a new angle.

The attention to detail is well done. In Nagrand where chunks of the earth float, some have skeletons.

I soared with dragons.

In Netherstorm, the zone is almost destroyed. The remains of a sea and a port float in the Twisting Nether.

Nearby a spaceships hovers ominously.

If you search hard enough in Nagrand in the mountains, you can find the Warcraft day care.

I decided to finish my tour with my cat watching the sunset in Nagrand. Perhaps one of my favorite zones, certainly one of the more beautiful.

I have many more and I will share them over time.


DAV said...

Can you fight on that thing, or do you have to dismount?

GeistX said...

Sadly no. :-(

DAV said...

You should invite Liliya and I over to play.