economy { American Retailers rationing food?

Interesting. I don't have TV, so I'm curious if our media is covering this or not?

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Avindair said...

It's on MSM sites like CBS, and on their newscasts.

The rationing appears to be centered around long-grained rice. The reason for the rationing is that big exporters are cutting back on their exporters to stabilize their regions.

Crisis? No. Cause for concern? Yep.

Unfortunately, when the Wall Street says "start hoarding food" like it did yesterday, that drives more people to horde, which creates a sense of urgency, which makes matters worse.

If we didn't have a lot of farmers in this country paid to not grow crops -- to say nothing of 30% of our corn crops going to Ethanol -- I'd be worried. Fortunately, we have excess capacity, and a clear solution right in front of us.

Interesting times.