law { unitary executive and torture isn't illegal when we do it

Well, the Pentagon finally released the John C. Yoo memo that pretty much signed off on any torture we wanted to conduct in the name of national security. Story here.

Memorandum Part 1 Part 2 [PDF].

(the memo is supposed to be 81 pages long but this is only 39).

My reaction:

1) The American Bar Association should immediately disbar John C. Yoo.
2) The University of California Berkeley Law School should immediately cancel any tenure and fire John C. Yoo.
3) John C. Yoo should be arrested and placed on a plane for the Hague for his war crimes tribunal
4) The U.S. Department of Justice should cooperate fully with his prosecution.
5) John C. Yoo should not be tortured or interrogated using harsh physical techniques he himself considered acceptable, because that is not how civilized, justice minded human beings operate, and because if we act with such disregard to legal and human rights, then we have no moral standing to demand that our enemies or even inconvenient Earth-mates do not do so as well

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