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Don't see this movie...ever...not even on cable, and its late, and you're drunk...switch to Skinemax.

Fuck this movie sucked.

And I like shitty horror movies like this one should have been. This was neither scary or interesting. I will give it one small thing, I didn't see the ending coming. But that was mainly because the rest of the movie was setup in an overly predictable manner to distract you from the end. Fuck spoilers, Jigsaw is the dead body in the middle of the floor. Oooohhhh what a twist!?! The only things really scary in this movie were Danny Glover's acting (he played his role from Lethal Weapon again) and domo-ariggato-mr-roboto acting of the doctor character, who I won't spend the energy looking up, because I really give fuck all about who he is or what else he's done. I've seen him elsewhere...damn it...I had to look him up now...holy crap I can't believe this was the guy who played Westley in the Princess Bride...wow, just wow.

Obvious someone liked this film, I'm thinking people who don't like to think too hard, because they've made Saw IV.

You know some movies are so bad, they are good on a certain level, because deep down there is a hidden genius or a labor of love...this, this was...fuck this was just bad.

Its going on my list with 'Congo' and 'Mortal Kombat II' as worst movies ever made.

The trailer is better than the movie:

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