musings { Well it would've been, could've been worse than you will ever know

(adaptations and modifications of the Modest Mouse lyrics to the song 'Dashboard' changed to suit a specific need)

But it often seems like it is always worse than we know. Patiently erasing and recording my own episodes, its not like I will let this go. This week, has not been a good week for me. The dashboard melted among other things, but at least I still have the radio. The windshield is cracked and shattered, but the fresh air is good, you know?

I've been so hardwired to concede so much I just have to stow it and move on; everyone is talking to me about nowhere and it seems now like some place I want to go. Not a lot of difference at this point between the east and west horizon so why pick a direction.

Those I thought I knew have shown their true selves. I scream and I scream but its just seems blowhard.

I just want to catch the last laugh in this show.

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