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'Artemis Eternal' project.

I stood in the shadows and from a distance tracked your efforts to make shorts and films and I've enjoyed what you have made. I admired you for chasing your dream. I know it took a lot of time, effort and money. But you're not alone. Others have this dream and are unsatisfied with movies traditional outlets produce, and some of them are starting to do something about it.

I support the independent, the little guy, who has a creative vision and dream. I've seen many films, made by people who love something, on shoe string budgets, and homemade special effects, that had more substance and depth, and even better acting than some multi-million dollar 'blockbusters'.

Creativity, in all its forms, should be embraced.

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Avindair said...

Thanks, GeistX! :)

You should see what I can do already with green screens and compositing.

Now imagine what will happen after DAVE School.

Fun stuff ahead. :)